Relish Yoga with Val
For Mind, Body, Spirit
and Life in Balance

Speciaities: Mindfulness, Strength, Flexibiity, Balance, Heathy Aging, Lower Back Care

* FALL 2017 * 

Come join Val to de-stress, relax and restore balance to mind, body and spirit in her upcoming workshops:

Kripalu Fall Yin Yoga workshop at Hummingbird - Saturday November 11 1.00 - 3.00pm

Restorative Yoga at Watts of Yoga - Saturday November 25 11.00-12.30

Please click on my schedule  page for up to date teaching schedule


Teaching Yoga for Low Back Issues will be back at Hummingbird Yoga and Massage on December 9th 1.00-4.30pm

Val is a registered continuing education provider with the Yoga Alliance.

Mindful Hatha, Gentle, Restorative and Yin Yoga for every body. 

Yoga Teacher Mentor


The next Yoga Teacher Mentor Training Program will take place in Spring 2018 at Hummingbird Yoga and Massage in Bryn Mawr.

This is a wonderful opportunity for 200 hour Yoga Teachers in the Tri-state area to earn 20 hours* of advanced yoga teacher training and practice with fellow teachers from different backgrounds.

Under the guidance of Val Boyko E-RYT500, join this dedicated community of fellow teachers who want to play together and support each other in becoming the best yoga teachers they can be.
This program is unique! It brings together Val's experience as a professional life coach, her passion for bringing out the best in people, and her real love of teaching yoga as an Advanced Kripalu Yoga Teacher. 

Dates: TBA

* The Yoga Alliance requires that renewal of the RYT credential must have 30 hours of Yoga Training and 45 hours of Yoga Teaching every 3 years. This program provides 17.5 contact hours and 2.5 non contact hours.  This course also includes teaching experience.

What participants have said:

I enjoyed meeting and hearing from such a diverse group of teachers with such a varied range of life and yoga experiences. I also appreciated Val’s detailed lesson plans and the comprehensive tool kit we walked away with. YES!!! I would recommend this course to others.  I think it is an important and crucial vehicle to grow and learn as a teacher. We (yoga teachers) are generally orbiting in our own little world inside our own classes. This small group for newer teachers becomes a safe and caring place to grow and expand.

~ Betsy L. 

The most valuable part of the program was the wealth of knowledge and ideas that were presented, both in the course materials and what the other yogis had to offer. I enjoyed the wide variety of information I was exposed to and gained confidence as a teacher. Yes! I would recommend this program. I feel like I became a better teacher with a more solid base of practical knowledge.

~ Amanda F.

The most valuable thing that I am taking away from this program is confidence! Spending time with other teachers, some more experienced and some less experienced, has been very helpful and again, was a confidence builder.  I learned that we all seem to basically share the same concerns about our teaching and sharing many of the same needs and questions. Each person brought something special and I truly learned.  Widening the circle of friendship and community has been great. This is a great course for all levels of teachers!

~ Patti M.

I really enjoyed the wonderful resources Val provided for our teaching toolkits; an oppty to learn with other newer teachers and also do a practice teach in front of the group with lots of positive and constructive feedback. I would recommend this course to others as it is a safe environment to learn more about being a yoga teacher, and has a supportive atmosphere with like-minded newer teachers to try some new things.

~Lisa K.

 In a safe / supportive / good-hearted environment, the overall value of the Mentor Program is augmentation of confidence!  I think that’s why each of us was drawn to the class— with a need to feel more grounded / confident in leading a class. When teaching, I think we each feel somewhat “alone” in the front of the room.  So I enjoyed the camaraderie, support, sense of goodwill among the group. I really enjoyed the "workshop" style sessions e.g. when we all worked together on a single pose, controbuting our versions of alignment and cues and gaining knowledge from each other.

~ Robyn E.  

Course Outline


Week 1

·      Introductions and intentions

·      What makes a great yoga teacher?

·      Self assessment

·      Creating and Holding Space

·      Teachers Laboratory

·      Create space for yourself


Topics and the focus of the classes will vary based on the need of the group.


 Week 2

·      Review of assessments - sharing the wisdom of the group

·      Class templates and themes

·      Alignment and guiding postures – teachers lab


 Week 3

·      Connecting with your students

·      Embrace your own voice and presence

·      Sequencing and Cueing

·      Getting clear about transitions – teachers lab


Week 4

·      Teaching who is in front of you – teachers lab

·      Yoga for Health and Wellbeing

·      Working with injuries

·      Using props


Week 5

·      Sharing the wisdom of the group - props

·      Putting it all together – teaching yoga for all levels

·      Teachers Lab

·      Wrap up